AQASS is focussed on managing and understanding aquatic systems, ecology and environment, water governance and supply and resultant high level problem solving, investigations and advice. Working in intertidal to offshore and river to estuarine systems we support commercial groups, Government, conservation bodies and charities. Experience shows that we are approached when a situation requires specific input not readily available or, not unreasonably, not in-house. This ranges from regulatory requirements to specific approaches to habitat management, remediation or improvement and acute events, to chronic conditions with long or short term implications for habitats, species and water resources. In addition, increasingly, novel data collection methods and opportunities are investigated in order to work with aquatic systems and water resources to achieve optimisation. This has resulted in experience in global problem solving and input to commercial, government, conservation and research projects.

Ecological / environmental management of contaminated port sediments

Contaminated port sediments

Marine invasive species risk assessment

Invasive species

Habitat restoration / beneficial use of dredge spoil


Biofouling management plans

Structure with biofouling

Integrated water resource management & international development / catchment planning

Water Resources

Drone & LiDAR survey / Smart monitoring / Internet of Things

Research & Innovation

Geospatial analysis & geospatial statistics


Geodatabase design, setup & management

Geospatial & geostatistical analysis

Interactive web mapping & mobile applications

Webmapping & mobile apps